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Cash for Kids – Fundraiser

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Dear supporter of Rothwell Gymnastics

At 5pm Friday 17th September we have been selected as one of 10 sports clubs to take part in the 2021 Cash for Kids Sports Challenge.

We have five weeks exactly to raise as much money as we can and pay it in to our fundraising account via a platform called ‘Giving is Easy’ which has been set up by the Charity Fundraising Organiser. By the end of the challenge, the top three clubs who have raised the most money not only keep their own funds but they can be awarded up to an additional £5,000 

Here is our link: please share

We hope that all our members can be encouraged to set some fundraising targets and help us be the best we can be, to buy more new equipment for the club and all its members.

If you and your family do not want to organise any specific fundraising activities, please join in the cake bakes, raffles and other challenges which various club members have already offered to do.

All donations need to be made directly into the fundraising account in order to count towards the competition total on the final date. We won’t be able to see how we are doing compared to all the other clubs, so we just need to do our best over the next 5 weeks. If you want to hand the cash over so we can pay it in and record it, just ask.

If you have any items, you wish to donate to any of the hampers, raffles etc for prizes, or if you can collect any donations from any of your local contacts or local businesses, that would be great.

If you have any questions please email the club directly on

We can do this!

Thank you in advance


on behalf of Team Rothwell