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Rothwell Gymnastics was born in summer 2008. For many years gymnastics at Rothwell Sports Centre was a regular feature on Saturday mornings.
The club developed as a community concern as a trial over the summer period 2008. Classes continue to be popular and now the club is expanding to include more competitive teams with the talented gymnasts from our community.
Our Philosophy:
For children to participate individually and as a team in physical activity and learn to work safely, fairly and to challenge themselves whilst having fun.
We want our gymnasts to say...

“ I will do the best I can”
and for them to do it....!

Team Medals and Trophy

Organisation News

We have waiting lists at present for badge classes.

Classes operate on:
Saturdays at Rothwell Sports Centre.
9am -    up to 5 years old
9:45 -    6 - 8 years
Boys Class 10,30 to 11.30
10:45 -  8 years upwards
11:45 -  10 plus

Training times for the invitational women's artistic squads:
Monday -   4:30 until 6pm
Thursday - 4:30 until 6pm
Friday -     7pm until 9pm
Saturday - 9am until 1pm

Becoming a Member

Call in any Saturday to meet the team, see our policies and procedures and complete an application form to be entered on our waiting lists.

Questions or comments? Get in touch with us at:


Mailing Address:

Rothwell Gymnastics
c/o Rothwell Sports Centre
Wakefield Road
LS26 8EL

Phone: 07811 382 153