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Recreational (badge classes) At Unit 5 Astley Way Industrial Estate, Swillington LS26 8XT

Age 3.5 to around 5 years





These classes are for boys and girls who will work on the pre-school proficiency awards. Skills are focussed on action, balance and coordination. We also work on confidence, self esteem, team work and the ability to follow instruction as well as working safely in the gym.

Friday – GY7 – 5:15 until 6pm

Saturday – GY1 – 9am until 9:45am

Age 6 years and upwards

These classes are streamed roughly in age order and we teach from beginner to competitive general gymnastics. The gymnasts will work on the British Gymnastics Proficiency awards as well as a taster of women’s artistic, including balance beam and asymmetric bars.


GY13 – 5:15pm – Age 5 years

Tuesday :

GY5– 4pm – 5pm age 8/9 years

GY6 – 5pm – 6pm age 6/7 years

GY14 – 5:30pm – Age 6/7 years

GY8 – 6pm – 7pm age 8/9 years

Thursday :

GY10 – 4pm – 5pm age 10 to 11 years

GY11 – 5pm – 6pm age 12+ years

Friday :

GY12 – 4pm – 5pm age 6 to 7 years

Saturday :

GY2– 9:45 – 10:45am age 6 to 7 years

GY3 – 10:45 – 11:45am age 8 to 9 years

GY4 – 11:45 – 12:45am age 10 +

Wednesday – 10am Baby Fun Gym – 8 weeks old to confident walking

Wednesday – 11am Toddler Gym – accompanied semi structured session for adult and child (must be confident walker/running) up to 3.5 years

All session £5 per week e-mail

Boys Classes

Boys age 6+





Working on proficiency awards and competing in General Gymnastics Competitions around the region.
Tuesday  age 11 upwards 4:30pm  
Saturday age 6/7/8/9 – 12:45 until 1:40pm


Invitational Classes – Competitive Gymnastics – (first levels)

Age 8+ Elara Group





Gymnasts training to compete at invitational competitions in the region. (4 hours total)

Friday 6pm until 8pm

Saturday 11am until 1pm


Level 7 Competitive

Age 8+ – Phobos and Loki

Preparation for 2 or 4 piece competitions. ( 3 to 5 hours max)


Monday 5pm until 8pm (Phobos)
Saturday 9am until 11am (Phobos)

Wednesday 5pm until 8pm (Loki)


Pre squad – Pre grade preparation

Age 7 and under – Titans 

This group are – preparing to compete in Club grades in their 8th year.


Thursday 4:00pm until 6:30pm

Saturday 9am until 11:30pm (5 hours)

                                                      Pre grades pathway –

                                         Hyperion (age 5/6)

                                                    Friday – 4:30 until 6:15pm

                                                            Saturday – 11:30 until 1pm

Squad – invitation only

Gymnasts compete in Yorkshire and invitational competitions and compete in Regional and National Grades.





(squads up to 11 hours) Europa, Jupiter, Saturn

Monday 4pm until 8pm

Wednesday 5pm until 8pm

Thursday 4pm until 8pm

Friday Between 4pm and 9pm

Saturday Between 9am and 1pm


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If your child is old enough (3.5 years), they may have a taster session for £5. Just email the club after you have registered to find our when we can offer a taster in the correct class for their age group.

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